XSNano Nano Gasoline Additive NGA 50ml for 500 ltrs of Petrol - Bi-Tron Australia

NGA 50 ml for 500 ltrs Petrol

NDA 50 ml for 500 ltrs of Diesel

NDA 50 ml treats 500 ltrs of Diesel

Improve Fuel consumption up to 28%
Reduced Carbon Emissions (including but not limited to NOx, SO², PM) Environmentally friendly
Reduce harmful exhaust pollution up to 98%
Reduced noise levels
Increases octane rating of petrol and cetane rating in diesel fuel by 4-8 RON (no need to buy High Octane fuel)
Fuel will not suffer condensation and stratification
Extended maintenance intervals
Effectively inhibits or eliminates carbon deposits in the combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, injectors, inlet valves and exhaust valves etc.
Effectively cleaning colloid and impurities in the fuel system, so the fuel system will be cleaner and operate properly.
Fewer maintenance costs, extending the engine's life. It works well for new and old engines, in all fuels and in all climates and seasons. No engine modification is required.
A contribution towards CO2 reduction… …all this while keeping the inside of the engine clean.

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NDA 50 ml Diesel

NDA 50 ml treats 500 ltrs of Diesel
Directions for use.

Save Fuel, Increase Power, Reduce Emissions.The more fuel you use, the more money you save with XSNano.
Available sizes; 50 ml, 1 ltr (other sizes available on request)
The XSnano Fuel additives (NDA and NGA) are used at a ratio of 1;10,000 (One mil per ten litres of fuel)

XSNano products from Bi-Tron Australia (Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd) are the best fuel additives and lubricants for diesel fuel, petrol fuel, any type of oil, (engine oil, gear oil, diff oil, auto transmissions (even hydraulics). These products work so well that they can improve fuel economy, increase power and greatly reduce emissions.
XSNano NDA (Nano Diesel Additive) 50ml equals 1.5 litres of the old BiTron diesel treatment or D110 and gives far better results.Ratio 1 ; 10,000

Add XSNano Fuel Saving Additive at a ratio of 1; 10,000 to the tank before adding the Fuel. For example 10ml of NDA treats 100 litres of diesel. Or add product in the same ratio directly to fuel in storage or bunker facilities. Increasing the ratio will not cause damage to your vehicle or parts. In fact, for treatment of diesel bug infestation we recommend a ratio of 1; 1,000 NDA to fuel.

After using our product, your vehicle may experience an increase in idle speed due to the restoration of its condition to an optimal level and also because fuel is burning fuller. Should your engine fail to recalibrate itself automatically through the ECU. Kindly adjust it manually to the original level to maximize the effects of fuel savings and to bring it within the manufacturer’s application for rpm.

Older vehicles, high mileage vehicles or vehicles with dirty fuel system may not experience such as significant level of fuel savings at an initial stage of use. This is due to the cleansing properties of the product. Continue using XSNano Diesel Saving Additive (NDA) for about 5 cycles and clean or change your fuel filter, as there may be insoluble sediments and residue due to the cleansing properties of the product. After which you will experience the full effects of our product as above 93% of your fuel system should be clean by then. There will be significant fuel savings and reduction of harmful emissions and pollutants by this stage.

For best results use our NDA (Diesel) or XSNano NGA (Petrol) in conjunction with our XSNano NLA Lubricant Oil Additive XSNano product

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