NLA for Engine Oil


XSNano NLA replaces BiTron EP20, EP30,EP40, and is used for any and all types of oil.

Engine, gearbox, auto transmissions, differentials, hydraulics (Any oil lubricant). is used at a ratio of 1;1,000

Sizes; 7.5 ml, 50 ml and 1 ltr (other sizes available on request)

 The XSNano NLA lubricant additive has a number of benefits, especially when used in conjunction with the fuel additives:-
Reduce friction and wear on engine parts
Resists pressure and high temperature
Protects engine and exhaust and prolongs life
Extended lubricant life in engine
Power improvement due to improved compression by 8% - 28%
Improves fuel efficiency by 2% - 10%
Helps reduce pollution
Reduces engine noise by up to 18db

Bi-Tron Australia has released new "Nano" technology called XSNano, it is the latest development in lubrication on the world market today and by far the best product we have ever seen.

XSNANO fuel additive is a high-tech product that has combined such technologies as liquid phase nanotechnology and radiation chemical engineering, and is currently the world’s most advanced fuel additive and also the most efficient clean fuel additive. With a solid foundation in international scientific research and talents, the company has been constantly developing high-tech nanotechnology series products. Our company’s goal is to integrate the latest technology with business and civil use and is committed to protecting the environment and benefiting society.
XSNano NDA (Nano Diesel Additive) is the best diesel fuel additive and also gives diesel power and reduces carbon build up and emissions.
XSNano NLA (Nano Lubricant Additive) 50ml equals 5 litres of the old BiTron engine formulation, 2.4.6 or metal treatment, EP40 and the new NLA treats ALL OILS so you can use it in engines, gears, hydraulics, diffs etc. And will improve even the best motor oil. By far the best oil additive we have ever seen. Ratio 1 ; 1,000
XSNano NDA (Nano Diesel Additive) 50ml equals 1.5 litres of the old BiTron diesel treatment or D110 and gives far better results.Ratio 1 ; 10,000
XSNano NGA (Nano Gasoline Additive) 50ml equals 1.5 litres of the old BiTron gasoline additive or P900 Ratio 1 ; 10,000


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